Caring for Clearomizers

Caring for Clearomizers


Clearomizer is leaking juice from the bottom. Question is what is going on, or is this just a defective clearomizer?
Clearomizers can have the tendency of leaking for a couple different reasons. If it is new, it is usually because it has been overfilled, or there is liquid in the center air-tube, and it is leaking from the battery connection. You can confirm it is this by trying to take a puff, and seeing if you can get a clear, clean hit or if it’s gurgling. There is an easy solution for this, for clearomizers. Simply blow through the cartomizer through the mouthpiece, with a tissue at the end to catch the liquid coming out of the air-tube. (This may be more difficult if you are using a juice with a higher amount of vegetable glycerin because the liquid would be thicker.)

Clearomizer is STILL leaking...fluid was blown out from the airhole, but liquid is acutally coming out from the side of the clearomizer where the metal meets the glass... It’s getting everywhere, juice is being wasted, juice is getting all over everything. Should the clearomizer be thrown away?

This usually happens with the rebuildable clearomizer. What will happen is the bottom connection of the clearomizer is not completely screwed on to the body of the clearomizer. Just simply get a good grasp on the bottom, maybe with a little pair of pliers, and gently but firmly screw the body of the clearomizer on, making sure that it is completely mesh with the indentations of the screws correctly. Don’t overtighten! 

There is still juice leaking, even though I tightened the clearomizer completely on, and it is still leaking juice from the side of the glass itself. What causes this?
Unfortunately the clearomizer may be too far gone. It may be because parts of the clearomizer was overtightened and subsequently cracked under pressure, it might be because the clearomizer became too hot from constant repetitive vaping, or it might even be from shipping, falling, or some other type of trauma. There is not much you can do at this point. These peices of equipment are inexpensive and not meant to last for a long period of time (if you get 2+ weeks out of one you did well).

You just received your cartomizer. You just filled it up, but now when you try to take a hit and fire the battery, yuo get no suction, and then all of a sudden you will get a surge and liquid will pop into your mouth! After that happened, you took a puff, and it goes from being completely clogged to giving little gurgles and you are getting little, if any vapor out of it. What’s causes this?
What happened in this case is the cartomizer was overfilled, and the excess liquid is preventing it from functioning properly. Take the cartomizer off of the battery, and take a napkin or tissue and use your pinky finger to poke into the battery connection area of the cartomizer and dab the area. You will see when you take your pinky out that there will be liquid saturating the napkin. Use a dry part of the napkin, and with your pinky repeat the process. Do this until you see no more liquid on the napkin when you try to wipe it. Also you should clean the battery connection plate/center-pin of your battery with a q-tip, to wipe off extra juice. Now simply try to inhale through the cartomizer and check to see see if you receive a clear hit, without it being connected to the battery. If there is still an obstruction, then put the napkin on the end of the cartomizer, and gently blow through the cartomizer, and repeat the cleaning process. Repeat these instructions until you can get a clean, clear hit through your cartomizer. 

With proper cleaning and care of your clearomizers and cartomizers you should receive the maximum life of these uints. Please remember though that these items of equipment are inexpensive and not made for long term usage (2-4 weeks). With that said - take care of your equipment and it will take care of you......Keep On A Vaping:)

Myths & Facts about the E-Cigarette

In dealing with E-Cigarette consumers on a daily basis I get many customers who express concerns about the pros and cons of using the E-Cigarette. I hear all sorts of stores from customers who have heard this or that. Below are some Myths and Facts about the E-Cig that I hope will help clear up some of the misconceptions regarding the electronic cigarette.

1) Myth - E-Cigarettes are marketed for the sale to minors.
    Fact - E-Cigarettes must be sold to those 18 years of age or older.

2) Myth - E-Cigarette cartridges offer flavors appealing to minors.
    Fact - Most adult users prefer a variety of flavors and there fore these flavors are directed to them.

3) Myth - E-Cigarettes make nicotine readily available to non smokers.
    Fact - E-Cigarettes are marketed to current smokers (not non smokers)

4) Myth - No one knows whats in an electronic cigarette.
    Fact - Numerous studies have been done and the ingredents in electronic cigarettes are well

5) Myth - E-Cigarettes cannot be leagally marketed in the United States.
    Fact - Currently no formal guidlines on E-Cigs have been issued by the US Government.

6) Myth - Using the Electronic Cigarette is very expensive.
    Fact - Regular E-Cigarette users spend an average of $30 - $50 per month. Regular tobacco
              cigarette users spend $300+ per month. 

Make your own E-liquid

Make Your Own E-Liquid.

Isn't about time to get creative and create the flavors you want. How many times have you gone to a vape shop, picked out some nice flavors and after trying them thought to yourself if only this had a little more cherry or strawberry flavor to it. I know from the customers I have that many of them are looking for an alternative to their e-liquids to make them more enjoyable. What we have done is to offer 4 different strengths of nicotine bases along with a large variety of flavors and many of our customers are mixing flavors and creating their own special blend. The costs are compareable to purchasing pre-made e-liquids and you can be as creative as you want in finding that perfect E-liquid.

Tasty Puff Flavor           nicotine base


Our Beginings

The Electric Cigarette Store was formed in 2010. The company was founded by Don Freiburger. We became aware of the Electronic Cigarette three years ago and with Michigan’s non-smoking law going into effect we saw an opportunity to provide smokers an alternative to continue smoking in restricted areas.

Since our inception, we have found that the majority of our customers are those who have tried numerous stop smoking plans that didn’t work. They are trying the Electronic Cigarette and finding great success in drastically reducing their use of tobacco cigarettes or totally eliminating the use of tobacco cigarettes.

We are committed to providing high-quality Electronic Cigarettes at a reasonable price. We offer a full-service store, so once a starter kit is purchased you can come back for more cartridges, e-juices, and accessories associated with the product. We offer prompt, fast shipping within 1-2 business days after receiving an online order and confirmation of payment.

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